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I’m like a sports coach, but for CEOs. I help CEOs realize their vision and increase the likelihood of a successful business outcome. The data says up to 3.5x more likely.

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Started his entrepreneurial career

15 age

The launch of Lemonaid Health

28 age

Led Lemonaid to a $400 million sale


About me

Hi everyone! 👋 I’m Paul! I think of myself as an entrepreneur and innovator. I had a childhood dream of moving to Silicon Valley. I was lucky to make that dream a reality in 2013 when I moved from a tiny countryside village in the UK 🇬🇧 to San Francisco when I was in my 20s to found Lemonaid Health. 🍋
During an 8 year rollercoaster ride at Lemonaid we raised over $60 million, recruited a fantastic team of nearly 200 and helped millions of patients get access to more convenient, more accessible healthcare. We ended up selling Lemonaid for $400 million in November 2021. This was a little over 10x our Series A price.

Lemonaid is recognized as creating the “consumerization of healthcare” movement in the US. We were the first to provide access to birth control pills by mobile app. We were the first to provide a national mental health treatment service for patients suffering from anxiety and depression. We were the first to provide a fully digital high blood pressure treatment service.

I started my entrepreneurial journey as a teenager with my first business when I was 16. I was a finalist entrepreneur of the year aged 17 and then spent my career running large P&Ls (from $50m to $300m+), impactful marketing budgets ($200m+) and recruiting rockstar teams.

Since Lemonaid was sold I’ve been advising some of the leading US venture funds, and coaching and advising founders and CEOs. I spend a lot of time playing pickleball (including in some professional level tournaments) 🏓, if you haven’t tried it it’s so fun.

CEO Coaching


CEOs who have a coach have 40% higher exit valuations than those who don’t (*National Bureau of Economic Research)

3.5 times

CEOs who have a coach are 3.5 times more likely to have an IPO than those who don’t (*Ernst & Young)


76% of CEOs who have successful exits have a CEO coach or mentor (*SVB)


BUT only 32% of CEOs have a coach.

Since Lemonaid was acquired in November 2021 I have been coaching and advising founders and CEOs. I made hundreds of mistakes and by sharing some of them and working with you through your challenges, decision making and strategy choices I find that I can accelerate your timelines to fundraising and success.

I think that CEOs should think of themselves as athletes. In sport you have a coach. Even the best of the best has a coach. You need to continue to build your CEO skills and you need a coach to do that.

I work with CEOs in two ways:

Minor league coach:

Approx. 1% and $2.5k a month

Premier league coach:

From $4k to $8k a month (depending on equity)

Minor league coach (one-on-one)

  • Basic CEO coaching
  • Weekly 1:1 meetings to discuss any topic
  • Support specific areas of the business from product development, sales strategy, marketing planning, leadership development etc

1% and $2.5k a month

Premier league coach (one-on-one and peer support)

  • Focused CEO coaching
  • Data driven training for top performing founders and CEOs
  • Combining weekly CEO coaching with peer group support and data
  • Join regular advisory board or board meetings
  • CEO specific improvement plan
  • You meet with CEO peers quarterly

From $4k to $8k a month


Advising and investing


In addition to CEO coaching I also provide ad-hoc advice to founders, CEOs, executives, venture funds, PE groups, large corporations and governments.


I make select investments where I can partner with investment groups I have worked with in the past.

Limited Partner

Artis Ventures


Pioneering investments at the intersection of life sciences and computer sciences

Correlation Ventures

Data-driven fundraising

Reinventing our industry. So our companies can reinvent theirs.

Direct Investments

Doctor visit via mobile app
EXIT $400m

Lemonaid Health

Luxury hotels for dogs and cats

Wag Hotels

Delivering the future of healthcare

Foundation Health

A new kind of vet clinic & animal hospital

Bond Vet

Grow your trucking business


Perfect Wedding


App for out of
warranty EV repair


Fastest way to book
any venue on Earth



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